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In the early eighties, companies like Comico, First and Eclipse blazed the way for alternatives and new projects in entertainment and comics. Among these pioneers was a book called Primer, created by the original three innovators at Comico, Gerry Giovinco, Vince Argondezzi, and Phil La Sorda. Bill Cuchinata, Andrew Murphy, and Bill Anderson also contributed.

In the first issue of Comico Primer, A variety of fresh characters from fresh artists emerged. In the heady mix of creativity, Doug Direct, or "Justice Direct", was born. This was an earth bound character, created by a young Argondezzi, interning at DC Comics, and also involved in advertising and illustration work in Philadelphia and New York. Justice was provided to anchor other interesting characters in the book, which were more fantasy and space based.

Although Argondezzi was heavily involved in Comico earlier on, his interest in Justice Direct had to be suplanted by an increasing workload of other projects and companies, and for Comico itself, as a co-creator with Ghost Rider  and  Daredevil writer Roger Mc Kenzie,  of their creation N.E.X.T. Man. Mr Justice Direct had to sit in limbo for lo these many years, until now, when his country seems to need all the heroes it can muster. In the coming months, thru Comic Art Company A and now in other avenues, the new adventures of Mr Justice Direct can now be told!!!

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