Next  times a charm

Naturally, It won't be exactly the same name. Or the exact same company.

Many websites and new publishing efforts from Comico alumni have popped up in the past few years, like Matt Wagner Comics, CO2 comics, and Reggie Byers Comics, among others; (Argondezzi even has a publishing arm of the company for one of his Comico properties, the NextMan, which was written by Marvel alum Roger Mc Kenzie, thru Comic Company A. It was a sellout, and one of the biggest selling trade paperbacks of the mid nineties....  the only profitable post Comico effort to be successfully officially carried by all mainstream comics distributors.)

Obviously, all respectable efforts. But we want something more, and different.

The artist took a break from comics to produce medical and commercial art from the late nineties until recently. (One might remember the downturn that began in comics in the late nineties, with financial turmoil even engulfing Marvel at the time, hard as it may be to imagine currently)

So, the worm turns again,  the time has come for a lot of the projects that Argondezzi had planned for Comic Company A, Comico, and Comici,  and the rest of the independents, as well as some fresh new ideas, that could never be brought to the helm to finally be realized, as a new Company.....

COMICI 35 ... and counting ...
Thirty (Five) Years
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